About Us


Welcome to JESS Catering Services

This site is dedicated to providing you with yummy food with a home cooked feel! Catering to almost every pallet I am happy to provide orders to individuals or Party/Cocktail orders for up to 50 people anywhere in the Melbourne Area!

I come from India and am part of a community in India called Parsees. Parsees have lived in India for centuries however they are not natives of India. Parsees are Zoroastrians who arrived in India about 1200 years ago from Iran then Persia. Even though they adopted a lot of Indian customs and lifestyle they have retained a kind of uniqueness in their cuisine which is well known and well loved all over India.

I started my love affair with cooking at the age of 16 when I started helping my mom in her daily cooking. I have also inherited her unique ability to create dishes simply based on a taste, smell or just something conjured up in my mind.

However apart from specialising in Parsee cuisine, I have a love for all types of food, therefore, can create any kind of dish, be it an Indian korma curry or a western delicacy.

Therefore whether it’s Indian cuisine, Chinese cuisine, Continental cuisine or my speciality Parsee Cuisine, I can conjure up yummy dishes that will please any palate.